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Caroline Wilson
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In October 2023, I will be traveling to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro for a great cause - to raise money for marginalized young people in Kenya. Did you know that youth (15-34 years old), who make up 35% of the Kenyan population have the highest unemployment rate of 67%

Why am I doing this? Throughout my professional career, I have been focussed on changing the world of work and bringing my expertise into play. So much so that I want to take on this challenge and climb Kilimanjaro with 20 other colleagues from around the world, each of us raising €5,000 for this great cause. Aside from that, what a fantastic opportunity to push myself physically and mentally!

What is the ask here? To support the journey by donating to the cause. The funds are raised for VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) and every little helps. If you can support with any amount, please click on the button to donate. Your support is greatly appreciated. The trip itself is funded by myself. 

Want to follow my journey? Please add me on LinkedIn where I will be giving updates on the fundraising and of course about the trip itself. After you donate you can also have the option to register or any updates on the journey.

Have other ideas to support? Great! Please reach out to me directly on

Tips for the donation process:

  • For Dutch donations, after clicking on "donate now", please donate via iDeal.
  • For non-Dutch donations, after clicking on "donate now", please click on "other donation options"
  • Are you an organisation wanting to sponsor with a higher amount and have your logo to appear on the page (or on my equipment), please reach out to me directly on
  • Kentaa is a platform that generates revenue from the donations however if you do not want to contribute, please change the voluntary contribution to "other" and enter €0

THANK YOU in advance for your donations!

Disclaimer - if for any extenuating cicumstance I am not able to reach the top oof Kilimanjaro, all donations and proceeds will still go to the cause. I can guarentee I will do my best!

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€500 13-11-2023 | 21:39
€20 07-10-2023 | 14:22 Brilliant adventure Cazzy and great cause. Hope you’ve had a blast xx
€50 18-08-2023 | 10:38 Good luck Cazzy!
€92.20 19-07-2023 | 09:52
€1,000 19-07-2023 | 09:48
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The end result

29-12-2023 | 11:23 2023 was a year to push my limits and go on an adventure... When the opportunity came to me in January to be part of the Kilimanjaro Challenge, it felt perfect. In total, we raised more than €100,000 for the “Access to Decent Green Jobs for Young People” project in Nairobi, that will improve the livelihoods and wellbeing of 200 marginalized young women in the age of 18-35 years by setting up two buy back centers, providing access to childcare or training and start up kits. Raising the funds for the challenge was the first part - going to avenues I never thought of before and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Within 2 months, I had raised my individual target minimum of €5,000 (end result was €6,932). The second part was the physical and mental preparation for such a trip which no matter what I did could not have prepared me fully but I did my utmost and was (and still am) the fittest I've probably ever been in my life.  In October, I left the Netherlands to fly to Kilimanjaro. Excitement and fear both jiggling emotions in my body. Together with 19 other people, we started the challenge. It is truly amazing how connected you can be to people you have never met. Trust is built, emotions are raw and lifetime bonds created in a short space of time.  Together with a crew of 72 local porters and guides we climbed the 5890 m high mountain in 6 days, facing challenges like extreme weather and high altitude. However, we all made it to the summit - a life long memory, adventure and challenge, all for a good cause.  To those who support the fundraising for the project, thank you again. In this short video you can see the climb but also where all the funds went towards in Kenya.
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