Cecilia Grace vs Kilimanjaro Challenge

Cecilia Grace
from €5,000 (60%)

Coupled with a challenging and life evolving 2022, I'm motivated to push myself further this year in my health, my experiences and my contribution.

So what does the Kilimanjaro Challenge mean to me in these 3 sectors;

My health; having successfully started 2023 by completing 75 Hard (75 days of 7 key health tasks including 2 daily 45 minute workouts, eating a clean diet, cutting out alcohol, nicotine and soft drinks, drinking 4 litres of water, taking a daily picture and reading 10 fictional pages), I'll be jumping straight into preparation to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro by stairmaster, exploration of the best hill and mountains in Melbourne and weight training 5 days a week!

My experiences; how many people get to have the opportunity to say they embarked and completed an experience like this in their lifetime? How many amazing experiences have we missed due to hesitation or doubt? It will be my first and hopefully not my last!

My contribution; for the next 180 days, I will be prioritizing others over myself by stepping outside my comfort zone, asking for support and raising awareness for over 5.5 million marginalised people in 28 developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

So what about the fundraising challenge itself? The funds raised through VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) for the Kilimanjaro Challenge will enhance the livelihood and wellbeing of 200 marginalized young people in Kilifi and Makueni (Kenya) who do not possess the skills, jobs, life or health we currently have. In partnership with 20 green enterprises, VSO will provide support, training and access to employment opportunities in Kenya’s most important economic sectors, including tourism, fishery and agriculture.

As a group, we are aiming to raise $100,000 (euroes), or $5,000 individual which will be used to build and establish Women-Led Buy Back Centres, provide training and access to Education, Childcare and Personal Protection Equipment. So donate today and I'll do the hard work as I ascend 5, 895 metres and walk over 82 kms in October!

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€800 28-09-2023 | 13:07 Raffle Donations - A massive thank you to everyone who participated in our national raffle, and to our CEO Nick Pesch for so generously matching our raffle donations dollar for dollar!
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