Giving back comes from the Heart and Joy within-Mt.Kilimanjaro Trek

Jacqulyn Hill
from €5,000 (9%)

My motivation is doing what I can to help make this world a much better and place and seeing the people I help smile. So the smile from doing a job well done is my motivation.

In October an international team of 25 Randstad colleagues is climbing Kilimanjaro in support of “Access to Decent Green Jobs for Young People”, a VSO project in Kenya focussing on enhancing the livelihoods and wellbeing for marginalized youth from Kisumu, Mombasa, and Nairobi. These young people are facing difficulties both on a personal level (abuse, exploitation, health problems and limited access to information) and on a grander scale (climate change, high unemployment rates).

Your donation will be invested in enhancing the livelihoods and wellbeing of 200 marginalized young people (aged 18 -35) through decent jobs. It is our objective to strengthen green youth-led startups so that they can create decent jobs through waste recovery, value addition and producing environmentally sustainable outputs.

This will include jobs in waste recycling as well as organic agriculture. Especially through the development of youth-led agroecological enterprises to strengthen local food systems, to address the food crisis through climate resilient farming techniques.


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€100 12-06-2023 | 13:18 It is a fantastic cause. Jacqulyn have a safe trip. Proud to be your peer. Anthi-
€328 07-06-2023 | 17:03
€50 05-05-2023 | 17:58 If we can't help those that are helping others....we are the problem! Go get it!
€15 13-04-2023 | 15:16