help me to help people and I will climb Kilimanjaro

Nobuhiko Iwasaki
from €5,000 (112%)

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What do we do?

Together with 25 Randstad colleagues from 9 countries, we are challenging to raise fund to support young people in Kenya who suffer from high umployement rate of 67%.

The fund raised in this campain will be donated 100% to the project "Access to Decent Green Jobs for Young People", which helps 200 marginalised young people in Kenya to stand up on their feets so that not only can they accesss to decent jobs, but also the skills and knowleadge they will gain are on envfinmentally sustainable matters such as waste recycling or organic agreculture.

VSO (Voluntery Service Overseas) has long workied on such issues with great output.

Once, only once, we successfully raised the money, we will get a ticket to challenge climbing the highet peak in Africa (Uhuru peak, 5,895m), the cost for this will be paid indivisually by ourselves!


Why am I doing this?

I love challenging myself, and this project has a lot of new challenges for me.

I have not raised money before. 

I have not climbed the highest peak of any continent before. (Even not mt.Fuji)

I have not been to Africa before.


I do not think I would challenge these 3 items at the same time if I do it alone. But this time I am doing it because I have great colleagues who challenge with me and great supporters, YOU. Further this is not just doing something new but doing for a good cause. Helping young people in Africa for a better future.

This wont't happen without your support, so please help me to help them!




9カ国から集まった25名のランスタッドの仲間と共に募金をお願いしています。この募金は100%ケニアの"Access to Decent Green Jobs for Young People"というプロジェクトに寄付されます。完全失業率が2.4%と低い日本とは違い、ケニアでは全体の失業率でも12.7%と高いことに加え、15-34歳の若者の失業率は実に67%にもなります。このプロジェクトではそんな若者に直接金銭として与えられるのではなく、彼らが仕事に就く力を身につけるためのサポートに使われます。さらにそれらのスキルはゴミの再利用や有機農業といった環境的に持続可能なものにフォーカスされています。

このプロジェクトはVSO (Voluntery Service Overseas)という団体が運営しています。VSOはランスタッドと共同でこういったプロジェクトを数多く、長年に渡って運営しており、多くの結果を残しています。

もし、このチャレンジが成功して目標の募金が集まった時”のみ”、私たちはアフリカの最高峰、キリマンジャロのウフルピーク (5,895m)に自腹で(笑)挑戦する権利が得られます。












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€50 06-09-2023 | 11:00 Iwasaki-san is the man of the challenger! I'm 1,000% sure of his success, but please do not push yourself too hard, since your decision already means the winner of the challengers!
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